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Day -1 (minus 1)

Today is Saturday 7th of May, and tomorrow early morning I have to leave at 5 am to catch the flight from Bangalore to Guwahati. But, as always before a trip, there is this uneasy feeling of not being ready!

Dozens of things left to do, between finalising all the domestic affairs to be away for  two weeks, and packing: clothes for cold and warm weather, riding equipment, helmets & protections, basic tool kit, cameras & lenses, batteries to charge, survival stuff etc..

I just called Kalki, and it seems that she is in the same boat.. that’s how it looks, and this is only the tip of the iceberg!


Hopefully the bikes have already been shipped to Guwahati as well as a large part of bulky equipement that we will not have to drag along, such as heavy biking gear for the high altitude routes.

Anyway, beyond the mess, there is also this nice, delicious, tingly feeling of adventure prevailing just before leaving for an uncknown destination.



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