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Fresh gossips: The Great Escape on Fox life

There has always been this strange aspect of my relationship with my daughter dearest and only, as they say.

Each time there is something about Kalki that comes in the news,  be it a movie coming up, a new  monologue, or even a play in my own town, for some unfathomable reason I am always the last one to be informed. I come to know of this new thing usually through some friend, or my wife casually mentioning the subject as if I had known about it, obviously all this time. I let you imagine my shock and frustration. And when afterwards I ask Kalki why on earth she did not inform me, her invariable reply is “Oh! I thought you knew, it’s all over the social networks”. Interesting, isn’t it ? After so many years she has still not grabbed the fact that, just like Naseeruddin Shah, I am perfectly hopeless with social networks: “Twitter? What is.. Twitter?”


So now, as I am traveling again in the North-East — concocting some new project of mine with Arunachal as background for my subject — it so happened that I was told (but cannot vouch for it since it was from an unofficial source) that the first episode of “The Great Escape with Kalki” is scheduled to be aired on the Fox Life TV Channel in the last week of August**. And by the way, I am not even sure that this will be the final title retained for the show..

Anyhow, I think it’s time to stay alert, expect the promo clips on TV, make a note in your diary once the date is confirmed, and … tell your friends.


** 10 August 2016 update: Mea Culpa. This piece of news seems to have become erroneous, things often turn unpredictable in the cinema/TV industry! The most likely occurrence of the show happening – as of today’s predictions – stands in the neighbourhood of 15th September. As for the title of the show, “Kalki’s Great Escape” looks like the final choice, but… who knows…


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