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Book Review Of The Sun-Eyed Children - by

A spiritual fictional quest to mull over slowly and then savour. Read my book review of this amazing piece of writing The Sun-Eyed Children by Joel Koechlin

by Neelam

The book is available on Amazon:

Let’s dive into the book review of my most recent read, The Sun-Eyed Children by Joel Koechlin

The Sun-Eyed Children Review by Neelam, Author: Joel Koechlin

Plotline: 4/5

Writing Style: 4/5

Language: 5/5

Narrative: 3.5/5

Pace: 3.5/5

Overall Rating: 4/5

Summary: In Kalki Koechlin’s words “ This book is both spiritual and savage. This book makes you believe in immortality.”

One force shall be your mover and your guide, One light shall be around you and within; Hand in strong hand confront Heaven’s question, life: Challenge the ordeal of the immense disguise. {Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, IV-3}

These words surely resonate with me as I sit back and mull upon Author Joel Koechlin’s attempt in this book called The Sun-Eyed Children which is a spiritual fictional quest by itself, independent of the continuum of space and time elements.

The backdrop although being set against the 60s and 70s, a Post World War II period which surely was a foundation building period from the point of view of science, technology, culture, social strata all evolving around that point of time, with all the pros and cons. These were the essential elements that actually formed the basis of contemporary culture back then. However, this remains one aspect of the story as this quest is certainly independent of the space and time quantum as well as history because it attempts to explore beyond any familiar timeline. It attempts to connect with the inner being whilst challenging the limitations of the outer one.

Yes, there are certain books that often do not simply leave you bleary-eyed, they leave you speechless. Awe-inspiring, this one surely aims to enamour and interweave human emotions such as perseverance, determination, generosity, courage, sincerity into an insightful piece of fiction that is spiritual as well as oddly satisfying at the same time. Equal parts intimidating as well as multidimensional, this is a read that will stay with you for long after you have finished it. Not only does it attempt at understanding a fictional revolution in the making, one which is full of literature, science fiction as well as cinema all in exhaustive details whilst being in the genre garb of Spiritual fiction.

Indeed, we also are fortunate enough to be getting to read and experience, as well as partake from this plethora of experience which Joel has shared and put forward through this piece of writing.

Usually, whenever contemporary fiction is shared with a view to understanding historical aspects it provides a breeding ground base for the next generation to get inspired and bake their views and visions with the help of these aspects. What is more important to note here is how much we absorb from it and grasp in the manner of a vital takeaway in order to move forward. Because, ultimately at the end of it all, as Joel puts it across very wisely,

We live a full life. Most of it is destined to be forgotten in ash. But, our true soul- experiences remain and I believe they have to be passed on to the generations that follow us.

A fantastic piece of writing which not only explores multiple dimensions but also does so making time and space basic elements in the confluence, whilst giving maximum vantage to those important aspects that are otherwise not given as much of a weightage.

As Lionel, the main protagonist travels through different geographical locations on different time linearities, I felt myself disappearing in a labyrinth of unknowing yet startling kind of clarity. I felt as if this was something I had known for ages but got acquainted with now, thanks to his writing. The manner in which his work dunks you through the story, the way the saga proceeds through the timeline was evolution by itself. It was simply not a religious/science fiction I happened to read, rather it was a surreal ”been-there-done-that, yet am suspended within an oblivion” kind of feeling.

Equally interesting to read about the youth, their life and culture in the 70s, their true blue experiences, all of this was enigmatic. A fabulous book, one you surely should be picking up if you believe in the power of dynamic, flamboyant writing.

So, how did you guys like my book review of The Sun Eyed Children by Joel Koechlin? Hope this review resonated with you as much as the book did with me.

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Ciao peeps!!

Neelam Sharma


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